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KimmoA is Kimmo Alm is Sysop of ANONTalk

Who is Kimmo Alm?

Kimmo Alm from Stockholm, Sweden is a spammer, right-wing extremist, violent psychopath and
pedophile. KimmoA is the alias of Kimmo Alm. Kimmo Alm is the owner of and AnonTalk.
Kimmo Alm's latest known address in Stockholm is Lina Sandells plan 18 (Bottenvåningen) 12953 Hägersten
To explain this complex and unique person, we need to explain his life story.


The only job Kimmo "Sysop" Alm was rumored to have held was a minimum-wage position at Pizza Pizza Hägersten, which coincidentally closed soon after Kimmo got fired.

Kimmo Alm is a spammer

Kimmo Alm has been spamming Websites since at least 2006. He's spammed about his sites,  but most notably links to Anontalk, which he spammed everywhere, even 4chan (more about that later) and Wikipedia, which still keeps a "Long-term abuse" warning about ANONTALK.

Most recently, he's been spamming links to his site, for examples see and the comments at

Kimmo Alm is a violent psychopath and right-wing extremist

Kimmo Alm has a history of being violent, both verbally and creatively. For starters, let's take a look at the video games he created and hosts on his site:

"Utmeskiten", which can be played in a browser. The goal is to kill as many non-whites as possible. This game has its own page explaining the motivation behind the game. Here are some quotes:

[...] especially in Sweden, which has turned into the world's most extreme country in many negative ways, with legalized, government-aided terrorist organizations and 1984-esque propaganda entities such as Aftonbladet, EXPO, AFA, Åttaklövern (previously Sjuklövern), Sveriges Radio, SVT, etc., running rampant[...]
I am allergic to all forms of political correctness and dumb lies and will always do what I can to counter it.
If you are one of the many brainwashed, self-hating morons who get upset by hearing the truth, don't play this game.
The frequently chanted term "anti-racist" truly is nothing but a code word for "anti-white".
I'd actually go as far as to say that the only "racism" worth mentioning today is that toward whites, often by other (self-loathing, confused) whites.

"GUTS", available from the old mini games section. Quoting the README file:

"GUTS" features ultra violence, racism and nudity. The title is an acronym and stands for "Gory, Utterly Tasteless Shooter".

The pathetic little "story" goes as follows: You play as a very narrow-minded, gun-crazed, American psycho redneck. You own a .50 BMG and your hobby is to shoot non-"Aryan" people. Yeah...

"Sheeple". Again, quoting the README:

You're some crazy fuck who kills random innocent people who are walking/running around on a market square. And not only that! You use a heavily modified SHOTGUN to do it!

We suggest playing the games in order to understand Mr Alm's racist and violent mentality. They can all be played or downloaded from

When Kimmo Alm had a dispute with EuroDNS over the domain ($10 value), he advocated physical violence to the point of "walking into their offices armed with a minigun."  "Hopefully they were all killed by that ash cloud." is what he said when Eyjafjallajökull exploded. The same day, he instructed his followers to "hammer EuroDNS in every way you can in order to force them to care." When he realized EuroDNS wasn't responding to his threats, he stepped up the game: "feel completely morally free to use illegal methods in trying to get the domain back; DDoS attacks, e-mail bombings, telephone terror, fake/real death threats — you name it." But even that wasn't the end of his violent fantasies: "I want to see the CEO of EuroDNS tortured to death, slowly and painfully. I want to see that entire company full of incompetent, rude, ignorant fucking dipshits jobless, homeless and with ass cancer."

Mr Alm's violent behaviour is, perhaps most notably, portrayed throughout the "bulletins" section on anonTalk. Bulletins containing endless cussing, insults and threats towards the site's own users, moderators and critics were posted by Kimmo Alm during the site's lifetime. These can be viewed on Be aware that "Sysop" or "The board" (his alter-ego) indicate that the bulletin was posted by him. Many of the bulletins posted by "?" were also posted by Kimmo "Sysop" Alm - if they sound like a raving lunatic, it's probably him.

Christopher Poole, owner of 4chan, was apparently contacted by people who know Kimmo in real life: "I've gotten e-mails from two Swedes who have dealt with Kimmo in the past—both are genuinely afraid of him, and insist that he is an extremely disturbed individual."

A recurring theme in Mr. Alm's life is his blaming of minorities (of any kind) for his presonal failures.

Kimmo Alm keeps a racist news aggregator on his site, - It scrapes content from many racist/fascist blogs and news sites, including the community blog "" which recently (late 2013) had many of its writers exposed. One such writer, Marie Stensby, wrote blog posts supportive of the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. After the exposure, she resigned from Sverigedemokraterna, the far-right political party with Nazi origins which Mr Alm also happens to be a member of.

Kimmo's list of great quotes  includes two by none other than Adolf Hitler.

Kimmo Alm is a pedophile and pro-pedophilia activist

Kimmo Alm has exposed his interests in pedophilia since his earliest days online. He said the following in 2006, when he was 22:
<KimmoA> Wouldn't mind having a 14 year old daughter as my personal *** toy/slave.

Kimmo Alm was the owner ("Sysop") of AnonTalk, an infamous internet forum for pedophiles. Although Sysop claimed that AnonTalk was for everyone, 90% of its discussions related to pedophilia and child grooming. AnonTalk's "Glossary" page, archived at contains the following "terms that are common around here":

anti  Often used in pedophilia context for a person who is very much against pedophilia, but can of course refer to anyone who is "anti" something.
CP  Child pornography. (Of which there is none hosted here, by the way.)
jailbait  A person, usually female, aged between 13 and, usually, 14-17.
loli  Basically "a little girl" (12 or younger), almost exclusively used in pedophilia context. See also "shota".

Kimmo Alm even made, Anontalk's sister site for people to meet "friends" of a specified age range. It is implied that pedophiles would use that feature to look for victims.
In his "Bulletins" on AnonTalk, Kimmo Alm repeatedly denied requests to ban pedophilia on that site. See, and

The US Department of Homeland Security used AnonTalk to lure pedophiles to a fake site which promised them travel to Canada in order to have sex with minors. This DHS operation has resulted in at least one 20-year prison sentence.

Kimmo Alm AKA Sysop himself extensively catalogued companies who wouldn't deal with AnonTalk. Make sure you read his claims of "incompetence" and "fraud" as "wouldn't host a child pornography site".

Kimmo Alm gained international attention in early 2010 when a notice was put up on, a popular internet forum, saying that Kimmo Alm had spammed the site for several years. Tens of thousands of spam posts containing references to Mr Alm's site, (later, have been thought to be posted by Mr Alm. Here is what the notice said:

Kimmo Alm aka "Sysop" from AnT has been spamming us for YEARS now, and has recently stepped it up. This shit has got to fucking stop. As promised, here are all of the e-mails he has sent me over the years (and my responses).

We've done all we can do about him. We've banned THOUSANDS of proxies, and deleted OVER A HUNDRED THOUSAND spam posts. His attacks continue, though. I'm out of ideas at this point.

The notice contained a link to a page listing the emails from Kimmo Alm. The page can still be found on 4chan: For the record: although 4chan has a history of hoaxes and false information, that page was put up by the administrator of the site, Christopher "moot" Poole. Poole has delivered speeches at TED, spoken at educational institutes and has been voted as Person of the Year in TIME Magazine. We therefore have no reason to believe that the information he provided on Kimmo Alm would be false.

Although AnonTalk has been dead and buried since mid-2011, Mr Alm made at least one attempt to create a replacement site. In late 2012, a Reddit-like website named "" was found hosted on an IP address close to that of Mr Alm's server, most likely being a secondary IP of the same server used to host The site was mostly inactive with human activity being very sparse, yet a sub-board named "!Pedophilia" had somehow found its way on the site. After vigilantes discovered that Kimmo Alm was running, the site was taken down.

How to help

If Kimmo Alm's behaviour scares you, be assured that you are not alone. Here are some things you can do:

  • Right-wing extremists won't care if Kimmo Alm is racist or perhaps even violent. However, these people typically do not want to be associated with pro-paedophilia activists or paedophiles. If you discover that Mr Alm is communicating with, for example, an extremist blogger, contact the individual and tell him/her that Kimmo Alm is a paedophile, supports child molestation and is "unemployed like an arab". Link to this blog or use our sources as proof; it's up to you.
  • Radical leftists may care less about pedophilia but they will want to know about Kimmo "KimmoA" Alm's right-wing extremism. Inform them of the content on his website.
  • If you encounter Kimmo in real life, do not confront him. People who know him warn that he is dangerous and violent, which is supported by his acts online. However, it might be a good idea to observe him from a distance and notify law enforcement in case you observe suspicious behaviour.
  • Link to this Web site. Everyone dealing with Kimmo Alm/"KimmoA" needs to be aware of who and what this person is.
  • If you are aware of any other relevant details about him, let us know at
  • If you know Swedish, you can help out by translating this site. If you live in the area, you should warn schools, neighbours, 

Coming Soon:

  • Kimmo Alm Timeline
  • Interview with Kimmo Alm's ex-neighbor
  • Kimmo has a meltdown on WebHostingTalk

Stay tuned!